Can you really do it yourself?
As the transition to a global marketplace gathers pace, more and more people are finding that they need to rely on their language skills.
However, most quickly discover that their knowledge doesn’t extend to the translation of specialist texts. This is where you can use the expertise of a professional translator, who has a very different perspective on language problems from people who do not engage with language on a professional basis.

¿Habla Español?
Spanish is gaining importance in international affairs. If you wish to build sustainable business relationships with the Spanish-speaking world, you will need a mediator who can help you establish those relationships on a sound footing.
In addition to translation I also offer other linguistic services, such as editing and support with specialist terminology. Simply contact me with your enquiry.
If your enquiry does not match my language skills or areas of expertise I will, where possible, refer you to a competent colleague.
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